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Jean Beliveau at a Conan event
Jean Beliveau with Avec-Flair at a Conan event

After years of servicing events with bar logistics, Avec-Flair has helped numerous pretigious events to become unforgettable. Birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and all types of corporate events, Avec-Flair has brought its unique touch to each and every one of them. Here are some of our corporate accomplishments and a few good words from happy customers.

Corporate accomplishments

U&I Brand Media Launch U&I Brand Media Launch

Those are just a few examples of corporate events we've done... to inspire you...

  • Gala Créa 2011: specialty cocktails bar sponsored by Perrier, 1600 guests
  • Arc'Teryx Montreal Store: new collections launch, Spring and Fall for over 3 years now
  • Conan Food Services Inc.: multiples poker parties for their precious customers
  • Salut-Bonjour show at TVA: live presentation of reviewed cocktails for summer vacations
  • National Research Council of Canada: COSPAR2008 event, 500 international guests
  • Party for GMR Marketing, product launch of the new Secret deodorant
  • Sunsource store opening, Laurier avenue
  • Closing event of pharmaceutics presentation week at Loews-Concorde in Quebec City
  • Christmas party for agents and csutomers, Real Estate Group Oxford
  • D.N.A. restaurant opening, Old-Montreal
  • Staff Christmas party for audiovisual company, CORPAV

Good words from customers

Dear Frank,

From the whole team at Conan, we thank you for your great work! Your team was superb, amazing, professional & beautiful!

We appreciate all the efforts you put in, in serving our customers and guests. They all left very satisfied! Thank you!

Costa Papoutsis
Marketing Coordinator
Conan Food Services Inc.

ARC'TERYX est très heureux du support apporté par l'excellence du service “Avec-Flair” pour nos événements corporatifs. Le professionnalisme et dynamisme de leur service représente l'image et l'esprit de notre compagnie.

Jean-Francois Parent
Montreal Store Manager/Gérant
ARC'TERYX Equipment Inc.

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