About Avec-Flair

Avec-Flair delivers a mobile bar service for all types of events. From private parties to corporate events, we provide a complete bar and outstanding service adapted to the event you organize. We help you enhance your business get-together, your corporate parties, weddings, cultural and sporting events.

Avec-Flair offers many diverse and customizable menus to satisfy your discriminating tastes and those of your guests. Our drinks list encompasses a wide variaty of choices for all budgets and tastes. Thematic or unusual request? We will do our utmost to adapt our equipment and services to fit your needs.

Not only supremely functional, our mobile bars are visually spectacular. Their adaptability and flexibility allow us to provide numerous configurations and offer different 'looks' to add just the right touch of ambiance to your event. Visit our Mobile Bars section for the different covers and lighting available.

To bring the bar to life, our team of professional bartenders and servers are the cream of the crop. With years of experience comes a perfected level of service; from subtle and subdued to a full flair show... Our people are as adaptable as our bar.

Our mission

The Avec-Flair mission is to provide our customers a complete and personalized bar experience of the highest caliber. We love our jobs and feel that this is key in providing the highest levels of service possible.


It was 2003 in Vancouver that the four founding members became friends and the seeds of this enterprise were sown. Surprisingly (or not), three of them (the actual owners of Avec-Flair) were Quebecers undercover as BC beach bums. Eventually they all set out on different paths; only to convene again in Montréal. Spotting an under served market within our areas of expertise we decided to look further... Avec-Flair was born.

Drawing from a depth of experience in the bar and nightclub industry, event coordination and venue design we have come together to provide a completely portable and self contained bar service perfectly suited to the greater Montreal area. We look forward to serving the whole range of events that can be enhanced with a bar: weddings, corporate events, family reunions, cultural events, Christmas parties... After all what is an event without a good bar!

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